Full Echo®

The echogenicity of Full Echo® is afforded by two white areas of different Golden Goose Sneakers Herren Sale density alternating with two transparent areas West Ham Kits 2017/18 throughout the length of the catheter. This leaves the transfer lumen visible New Balance 576 Green during loading or microscope control, and provides excellent echogenicity during the transfer procedure. The inner catheter is ultrasoft on its distal segment and has a metal Saucony Shadow 6000 Mens stiffener integrated into the wall of the Nike Roshe One Hyperfuse Cool Grey proximal segment to improve handling without touching the catheter tip. The 6 circular depth markings on the outer sheath are visible irrespective of the direction of the outer sheath when in use. When necessary, a stylet, available separately, is used to shape the outer sheath prior to its insertion and clear a difficult cervix more easily. Superior design and friction-free components Nike Air Max 90 Herren Sale ensure easy sliding motion of the inner catheter through the outer sheath.

Product code Label Packaging
1326501 Full Echo® – 23 cm Box of 10 units
1326401 Full Echo® – 18 cm Box of 10 units