The devices feature:
• An echogenic triple bevel single lumen needle.
• A thin tube connecting the needle to a bung.
• A vacuum tube connecting the bung to the aspiration source.
• A three-way flushing valve (for the model concerned), to choose between aspiration or rinsing the follicles.

The complete sets (needle tubing) provide adapted storage conditions for the oocytes during the collection, particularly being able to maintain the vials at an appropriate temperature using heating systems. The resilient properties of polyurethane ensure flexibility without kinking for a regular flow rate, with no loss of suction.

Product code Label Packaging
1313000 Tube 15 ml – individual packaging Box of 500 units
1301020 OPS® Classic without valve Box of 10 units
1301021 OPS® Classic with valve Box of 10 units