Stylet with FEP Outer Sheath

Stylet with outer sheath devices include:
• An FEP (fluoroethylene propylene) outer sheath with 6 circular guide-marks every centimeter, visible regardless the direction of the outer sheath when in use.
• A removable malleable inner stylet.

To be used in combination with the following devices:
– Echogyn® Embryoview® 18 and 23 cm.
– Echogyn® Embryoview® M 18 and 23 cm.
– Classic Ultrasoft 18 and 23 cm.
For transfers expected to be difficult based on a trial transfer or a previous attempt, or in case of unexpected difficulties, the stylet with outer sheath provides guidance and secures a safe clearing of the cervical canal.

Product code Label Packaging
1322701 Stylet with FEP outer sheath – 23 cm Box of 10 units
1326101 Stylet with FEP outer sheath – 18 cm Box of 10 units